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Zombie Apocalypse Coming or Is Amazon Trolling us?

A friend of mine told me to click on the below hyperlink and I wasnt ready for what I was about to see. Keep in mind, this is Amazons terms of service From their own site. (This isnt me making anything up Simply reading what Im about to show you) I wish I was making this up honestly.

when you click, be sure to scroll down to 42.10. And read the whole paragraph.


At first I read that and laughed and then it registered and I was like WTF. In a normal year I would dismiss this as jeff bezos trolling thinking hes a funny guy and messing with us; but this year my mindset is that you honestly cant rule anything out. Even something as crazy as a zombie apocalypse.

The weird thing is, this isnt the only place that mentions a potential zombie apocalypse. The CDC has a zombie preparedness response on their site As well. (Read below)

They claim its all in good fun and just to engage new audiences, but I dont find it that funny anymore when half the country is still walking around with face masks on like emotionless zombies anyway. If they were actual zombies they wouldnt be that much different Than how they are now.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts on what you just read. Is this for real? Is amazon trolling us? WTF was that?

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