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Vaccine Organ Concentration Data is concerning

Researchers are expressing their concerns on the below data showing that the vaccines seem to be unevenly concentrated in organs such as the ovaries (for women) and the Spleen.

(click below and zoom in to see clearer image)

The below is a video from Dr. Byram Bridle Professor of Viral Immunology—

he is Pro Vax and explains his concerns with the data that he's seen With this covid vaccine

Dr. Bridle wouldnt be the first with these concerns. There have been many accounts of abnormal menstrual cycles after covid vaccination and also clotting and bleeding.

(click below and zoom in to see clearer image)

I think its truly unbelievable that this information is being censored and not on every mainstream network. All we are hearing is how amazing and effective this is while its being promoted with free perks such as food, flights, and potential million dollar vaccine lottery tickets.

Thank you again to those who read this article and thank you all for the support. I do this for the good people out there that deserve to be aware of the other side. If this information can at least influence a few people to look further into all of this and do their own research I would say that its worth it.


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