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The Senate Panel That the Establishment Doesn’t Want You to See

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Ron Johnson, Senator of Wisconsin just had a Covid 19 Panel on the Senate floor with certified doctors from around the country to discuss Covid, vaccinations, and alternative treatments. The testimony of these doctors is mind blowing to say the least & I believe that every American deserves to hear from the perspective of these brave doctors. Unfortunately, this info was hard to find on the big search engines such as google because it doesn’t fit the agenda, so I figured I would share it for you all here on my blog free of censorship.

The first speaker claims that 3 doctors blew the whistle that since vaccinations were pushed out, they claim the data shows that:

Miscarriages increased 300%

Cancer increased 300%

Neurological disorders increased 1000%

They’ve also found that:

71% of new Covid cases are fully vaxxed individuals

60% of covid hospitalizations are fully vaxxed individuals.

He then claims that the establishment has access to this same data, they know about this, yet they continue to falsely claim that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Dr. Peter McCullough asked the doctors in attendance of the panel “how many of you have experienced censorship, intimidation, or reprisal as a result of your advocacy” and the vast majority of medical professionals raised their hands.

Dr. Pierre Kory said “This is corruption, plain and simple, this is corruption” after he pointed out that none of the policies being pushed out are backed in any real science, yet they continue to be pushed out on a mass scale.

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty said that even when a patient has a contraindication or a condition that could be worsened by covid vaccines, A doctors hands are still tied when it comes to writing exemptions because they can lose their medical license.

Dr. Ryan Cole claims that he treated his brother with alternative treatments and he refused to send his brother to the ER because he knew his brother would be denied the same treatments. His brothers condition dramatically improved after the treatment despite the establishment deeming it ineffective and unproven.

Dr. Paul Marik says for the first time in his career he felt that his hands were tied as a doctor and he had to watch idly as his patients died. He had previous success treating patients with alternatives and despite this, the establishment deemed him a threat. They ended his medical career even though the mortality of his patients was dramatically less than of his colleagues.

One doctor was thanking senator Ron Johnson simply for having the meeting and surprised that it had to happen on the senate floor because normally there was free and open discussions and debate between doctors, but today the topic has gotten so politicized and so censored that open discussions weren’t happening anymore.

No matter what your politics are, this information is extremely concerning. It’s very eye opening to me just how many established and certified doctors are speaking out about vaccinations and alternative treatments, yet this info is almost nowhere to be found on large search engines, the mainstream media, and social media because it doesn’t fit the agenda. They love to say “trust the experts” like the current protocols are unanimous but to anyone paying close attention, its certainly not unanimous. We just aren’t hearing all of the perspectives due to the mass censorship campaign. It’s very clear to me at this point that the establishment and the pharmaceutical industry are working overtime to make sure dissenting voices and doctors aren’t being heard. We can’t let them win, share these doctors far and wide to everyone you know!

Lastly, I want to say thank you all so much for supporting me and sharing my content. Because of you all, I am able to continue to get the truth out, and I am a firm believer that in the end, the truth always wins! Thank you again, have an amazing day, and god bless America!


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