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The Mainstream Will Not Like What Joe Rogan Just Said (Its the Truth)

Joe Rogan was full of Truth bombs in his podcast. I saved 2 clips in particular that I think everyone should see. I tossed in a 3rd clip from CDC director Rochelle Walensky to prove his point across from Clip 1

CLIP 1: Viruses mutate and get stronger through imperfect vaccination.

Joe cites a 2015 study about virus‘s mutating and getting stronger through imperfect vaccination.

CLIP 2: Rochelle Walensky CDC Director Says Vaccines Cant Prevent Transmission

Here is the CDC director saying how well the Vaccine works except…. It cant prevent transmission.

Now after you watched both go back to Joe Rogans Clip in video one and remember the study showing imperfect vaccination can lead to stronger strains. I would argue its an imperfect Vaccination when its still able to spread from person to person even after vaccination? Are they creating stronger strains because of this? I guess time will tell. And unfortunately we probably wont hear the truth from the mainstream media.

FINAL CLIP: Joe Rogan is Big on Freedom

This was my favorite clip of all. loved to see Joe Rogan trash Don Lemon and advocate for freedom! Thats what makes America amazing.

Loved the podcast as usual and Im grateful for people like Joe for using his huge platform to speak the truth when most people will big platforms are selling out.

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