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Thank You All!

Just want to say thank you everyone who's visiting the site right now and supporting. This is just the start (not fully sure how to work this whole site thing yet and still far from how I want it to look lol) but we will figure it out eventually. If anyone has any questions, criticism, or feedback on content/ merch/ or whatever let me know. I also believe other people can post on here as well but Im not really positive yet how this works.

In terms of the clothing let me know what you think. A few people came to me and asked if they could get a design for a tshirt thats not currently available in a sweatshirt or another piece of clothing/ different colors. I can do that I believe just let me know what you want or what you like or Don't like. Also If you do choose to buy some of the merch Please DM me when you receive because I got to throw you up on the page haha. For real though thank you everyone who supports you all are the best.

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