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Russell Brand Makes A Great Point About Bill Gates

Russell Brand raises the question: if someone cares so much about humanity and is a true philanthropist (the way that Bill Gates is thought of and marketed by the main stream media) why would he care about vaccine patent protections? Wouldnt a true philanthropist want “effective” vaccines available to as many people as possible?

This would require dropping the patent protections and allowing more help by whoever has the capacity to manufacture the vaccine. The problem is Bill Gates doesnt want to drop the patent protections and wants all the power and profits for himself. When he was asked if he thinks the patent protections should be dropped so other could also help produce the vaccine he responded quickly with “No”.

Watch the video below with Russell Brand because its very clear that Bill Gates is more interested in profits than he ever was about saving lives

Thank you for reading & please share this with someone that still thinks Bill Gates is an amazing philanthropist that cares about our health!


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