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Peter Mccullough & Edward Dowd Expose Pharma Fraud

Some wild accusations from Peter McCullough and Edward Dowd on the covid vax:

“Pfizer defrauded the government”

“the vaccine accelerates deaths from other causes”

“If the goal was to reduce the worlds population its working”

“Its not been long enough to see the impact of the vaccine on fertility, but thats the next shoe to drop”


Unreal stuff…

Listen to what Edward Dowd, ex Blackrock executive had to say below

Peter Mccullough, has been in the medical field and is one of the most cited and established cardiologist in history. Then Covid came along and they smeared his name because he spoke the truth.

Send this around and let the world know what these men are saying. Once again its sad but not surprising with all of the red flags and corruption that we’ve seen so far with this.

Thanks for reading

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