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Dr. Roger Hodkinson- Another Expert That the Establishment Doesn't Want You to Know About

“Trust the science” or “I listen to the experts” are two phrases Im sure that youve came across during this past year and a half. These statements are frequently tossed out by news anchors that are paid to push the narrative defending lockdowns and defending mass vaccinations. These phrases are then parroted by citizens as if lockdowns and Covid vaccines are settled science and a concensus in the science community.

The truth is this is NOT settled science and there have been TONS of doctors and scientists speaking out this whole time; the only thing is these doctors arent given a media platform and have been heavily censored across social media. Roger Hodkinson is one of the latest to speak out against whats going on.

watch the video of Dr. Roger Hodkinson below

Again, Dr. Hodkinson is a qualified expert and he is one of many that have been speaking out against whats going on. Unfortunately most people wont ever hear his voice because the mainstream media will never give him a platform.

Please share this with a friend that thinks they have been listening to settled science and is “trusting the experts” and let them know that there are experts out there like Dr. Hodkinson with nothing to gain and everything to lose. At the very least, they should check out what he has to say.

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