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Countering the Buffalo Shooting Lies From the Mainstream Media

I try not to give shootings much attention because all they do is divide people further, and distract people from the much more important things going on in the world; but Instagram deleted one of my posts exposing the lies and the mainstream corrupt media is already pushing more lies and running with narratives that aren't true at all; so I decided to do this blog post where it can’t be deleted.

This Buffalo Shooting case it is easier than usual to shut down these lies; because all you have to do is show the sheep 3 pages of the manifesto that the shooter wrote himself and it immediately shuts down their arguments.

There are really 2 main narratives from this case that the sheep are parroting & they both are incredibly easy to take down:

One narrative the sheep are parroting is that “he is a mainstream Republican” and of course the zombies are blaming Tucker Carlson & Fox News for his actions.

The other narrative the sheep are parroting is “This is why we need more gun control”.

As for the “it was inspired by republicans narrative” all you have to tell the sheep is that he doesn’t identify as republican; he actually claims himself that he identifies as the “mild-moderate Authorarian left category” (as seen on pg 9. Of the lunatics manifesto)

And as for the “we need more gun control” argument, he specifically says in his manifesto that the only reason he chose that location that he did is because of the strict gun control laws and he knew he’d be met with little resistance. (pg 6& 58 of the whackjobs manifesto)

Thats all you got to do! Just show the sheep these 2 simple facts and watch their heads explode while they parrot the words “racist” back at you because they have no logical arguments.

Also if you look at the mass shooting offenders in 2021, you can see that shootings are being carried out by evil people from all races, not just whites like the media trys to lead people to believe.

If it wasn’t already clear that there is an agenda here, just look at how the president is already making a trip to Buffalo to virtue signal and emotionally manipulate for more gun laws when he still didnt visit the Waukesha victims. That act of violence didn’t fit the narrative I guess.

Also notice the difference in headlines from the New York Times when it comes to the Waukesha attack vs this attack. When the person doing the evil is white, they make sure to include race in the headline. When they are not white, Race is no longer necessary to mention in the headline and also the blame is placed on the vehicle. The double standard is right in your face. & you have to wonder why that is? These are professional journalists. Its almost like they are intentionally trying to divide us by every way possible.

I’m going to end this with this meme that I think is great. We are all one. Don’t let the deceiving media and government divide us because they are the real enemy; not the individual with a different view on politics than you or a different skin color than you. United we rise, divided we fall!

For those of you that wish to see the video, below is the link (graphic but there is no blood involved)

As for this sickos manifesto If they ask for proof so they can see/ read for themselves; the link is below. google took it down but luckily i found another link.

Make sure to send this around and let the world know the truth about this shooting and hopefully sooner rather than later more people start seeing how deceving the media & these politicians are.

Thanks for reading & supporting independent journalism🙏🏻

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