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  I think if you told anyone that knew me five years ago that I would now be giving news analysis, and making political commentary on social media, no one would ever believe it and everyone that knows me, myself included would laugh at the thought of it. (I still laugh many times at the thought of me doing this haha). In school I was always clowning around never taking anything seriously. "C's get degrees was my motto" I went to school strictly for the social aspect and always thought school was a massive scam (and still do). I believe real learning comes outside of a classroom from life experiences, and from the great social connections that you make.  Most things that you pay to learn in school can either be learned for free on the internet, or for drastically less money than college.


  Anyways, I went to college and graduated from Penn State with a business & supply chain degree because society tells you that its the smart and safe thing to do! Plus it made my parents proud that I held up a piece of paper that tells society that I am a smart person!! Just kidding, it makes me cringe when people brag about their college credentials and when people look at others as smart or stupid because of their college degrees or lack of a college degree. There are many idiots with a college degree and many geniuses without them. Society today is living proof that our education system has failed in a major way. Especially if you look around the past 2 years and see many "educated" people & "professionals"wearing a piece of cloth over their face while walking alone thinking that its saving lives and giving them protection from something that has over a 99% survival rate.


   This insanity that Ive witnessed over the last 2 years is really what inspired me to get interested in media and start speaking out or "get political" if you want to call it that. I don’t look at it at it that way though, I was always a libertarian at heart I guess that never really cared for politics because as far as I could tell, we were free, we could speak our minds, people were okay and accepting of different opinions within reason, life was good! And then 2020 happened and society went really weird...


We saw the government starting to go after our freedom so they could "keep us safe", we saw the media heavily ramp up their propaganda push to manipulate and instill fear in the people, we saw Big Pharma suddenly gain powers that they’ve never had before in history, and we saw big tech and social media start heavily censoring anyone that questions the narrative. This all happened simultaneously...  Witnessing these crazy times, Ive become very passionate about world events, politics, and just simply trying to find the truth. The rest is history & ever since Ive been speaking my mind and calling it how I see it regardless of who it offends or how crazy it sounds! I also connected with many awesome people like you in the process. Thank you for following me along in this crazy journey! 

About Me


Q: Are you willing to promote brands or collab?

A: Yes just let me know! If I believe in the brand & product I would love to work with you just send me an email  at  or a dm or comment on instagram or twitter

Q: Is your real name hewey?

A: No lol. My real name is Rob. I just thought of a weird name and came up with Hewey. I didnt want my corporation to find me and fire me for my politically incorrect views. Also don't want whackos on the internet knowing all of my information Especially talking about what I talk about. 

Q: How can we support?

A: Just by interacting and sharing my content is more than enough. I also have merch and accept donations on venmo & cashapp @ $mytvtoldme

Q: Can I get your design in a different color or on a sweatshirt instead of a tshirt?

A: Yes just let me know what color and what piece of clothing  style you would want and I can make it happen. I get these requests frequently just send me a dm on instagram or an email on

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